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"We see this as an innovative faith-based initiative for churches that have struggled over the past years with outdated or non-functional commercial HVAC units."

Percy Brooks, CEO

Brooks and Associates, LLC

The Initiative

The National Sustainable Energy Group (NSEG), a leading HVAC e-commerce company, is honored to provide affordable HVAC financing to churches across the country.  This is a Vision and Ministry that we hold deeply for our prospective clients.  Please contact us as needed, so that we can discuss your church congregation needs with this Blessing that we truly hold deeply in our heart. 

The mandatory phaseout went into effect in December of 2020.

Outreach Commitment

At the NSEG we view this as an opportunity to assist church denominations within the faith-based community to offer commercial HVAC financing options to replace their older model systems with new state of the art new HVAC systems and Preventative
Maintenance Plan to maintain their new systems.

We will also offer One Stop Services to churches that need assistance in managing the HVAC evaluation process and selection of licensed and insured commercial HVAC contractors that offer professional installation of new HVAC equipment as well. “We view this as an innovative national faith-based initiative for churches that have struggled over the past years with outdated and non-functional HVAC systems within their church” states Percy Brooks, CEO of the NSEG. “We see several thousand homeowners annually with freon-based HVAC systems that are 20 to 50 years old that need replacing.”

This will be a Game Changer within the African American faith-based community.

Contact us today

For additional information contact
Percy Brooks at 404-218-6445 or at the NSEG

Applying is easy with
Peac Solutions

Our Partnership

The NSEG is partnering with APEC Solutions to offer commercial HVAC financing options to church denominations for Commercial HVAC Financing:

Quick Response

  • No financials up to $250.000

  • Easier and quicker than a traditional bank loan

  • Various purchase options

Flexible Solutions

  • Financing is custom-fit to meet your goals

  • 24 to 72 months terms

  • Various purchase options

Bundled Financing Solutions

  • Total project financing - $5000 up to $1,000.000

  • Bundle your total project into one affordable payment including your

Hvac/r, Duct Work, Installation

  • Finance software, HVAC, security and technology

Conserve Working Capital

  • Keep your cash on hand

  • Grow your business without large cash layout

  • Little to no upfront money

Convenient Benefits

  • Your purchase could be 100% tax deductible

  • Building ownership not required

  • No real estate liens

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